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Waste land to Car Park Plot

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

We were contracted to transform a small patch of recently acquired land adjacent to the clients house in Hitchin, hertfordshire. 

The land was overgrown, badly fenced and had serious water logging due to poor drainage. 

We cleared the shrubs and unwanted plants to open up the area to give it immediately more space

Once clear we established the new boundary line with both neighbours and marked out where we would build our fence.

The ground was soaking wet and holding water like a sponge so we dug down around 200mm and removed around 20 tonnes of soil. We then stabilised the ground with a deep sub-base of large stone crushed granite MOT Type 1, compacting in layers until the ground was stable and the water had soaked and evaporated, leaving it suitable to lay our Buff Limestone shingle. 

The old manhole cover was also removed, dropped and a new concealed tray fitted using a mortar base to secure and allow vehicles to pass over without damage. 

A premium Hit & Miss style panel was chosen along with timber gravel boards and posts.

We installed 3 x Telescopic Security posts which are retractable and sit flush with the surface when not needed. This involved some deep digging and careful installation to ensure perfect usability. The area is in a cul-de-sac and attracts many vehicles wanting to park and turn-around and the client wished the area not to be used for this.

A simple yet effective job which now allows extra space for 3 cars and has added good value to the customers property.

Enquire today if you have a similar project and see how we can help from design to implementation 

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