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Featheredge Oak Fencing - The Traditional Choice

An extremely rare, but equally breath-taking type of fencing that we source and install direct from the sawmill, is solid oak featheredge fencing.

This traditional type of fencing was common around a century ago and much of it, from that era, will still be standing due to its durability and density. For gardens and acres, this is an ideal, long-lasting solution, in both normal and adverse weather conditions.

Wild Edge Fencing use solid oak posts, arris rails and individually cut featheredge boards; all of which are visually stunning, especially when put together to create something special.

Modern featheredge fencing installation methods use a young softwood, that has a lifespan of around 10 years and is pressure treated. In comparison, oak fencing has a 100+ year life expectancy and is for those who appreciate ye-olde-time, quality traditional look, in the garden.

How we Install or Repair Featheredge Fencing

The posts come in solid un-machined form and we hand-chisel the mortices from scratch to support the Arris rails, making this method of garden fencing the traditional way, with no metal fixings or screws.

Oak posts and boards come in a range of different heights, up to 6 feet, and can be accompanied by solid oak gravel boards to further prevent moisture and rot from the ground, attacking the bottom of the fence.

We can also replace existing broken oak fencing with new oak parts if you wish to retain some of the original fencing. The imagery below shows how we retained some 150-year old bays and posts, by re-morticing a rotten rail and fitting new bays.

This fence was installed from scratch for a lovely gentleman based in Hollwell, Hitchin, Hertordshire, who wished to keep some of his old 150-year old oak fencing, while replacing the parts in disrepair with new fencing, with the hope that it lasts for another 100 years.

Other services we provide, that compliment fencing, include landscaping, decking, turf laying and boundary hedging.

Do you have old oak fencing that needs taking care of or replacing?

Let’s discuss your featheredge fencing options and budget with you so that we can provide a quotation. All work is carried out with full insurance and warranty for all hardware and parts installed.

Our list of corporate clients is impressive and includes installing security fencing for Amazon, Screwfix Direct, the NHS, Sainsburys, Cricket and Football Clubs and several hospitals.

Much of our work is received through word-of-mouth and testimonials given by others. Let us help you decide which fencing material and type is best for your needs, at a timescale and budget that suits you. Call us on 07715 353224.

The geographical areas we cover include Stevenage, Letchworth, Baldock, Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield, Knebworth and Hertfordshire’s surrounding areas.

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