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Fencing Supply and Installation

Which type of timber fencing is best for your garden?

Are you looking to upgrade your old broken fence with a sturdy alternative?

Would comfy wooden seating or a pagoda-style enclosure add character to your garden?

When choosing which type of fencing to install in your property, consider its main purpose. Is it being installed to improve security or to replace a worn-out fencing perimeter, as this will determine the cost. 

As specialists in various types of fencing supply and installation, we have gained expertise in designing and planning fencing structures, based on what will best suit your property and your budget.

Wild Edge Fencing can install:

  • Featheredge (in 3m situ bays) and close-board (panels) fencing

  • Simple timber fence panels, with concrete posts and gravel boards 

  • Custom-built timber fencing

  • Specialist corporate security fencing

  • Solid wood, slatted fencing

  • Car parking plots with retractable posts, providing security for home-owners

  • Long-distance featheredge

  • Architectural designed fencing - excellent for new-build properties

  • Luxury fencing

  • Privacy screens, built in-situ


Picket-Timber Fencing 


Available in a range of heights and materials, from softwood pressure-treated timber to solid oak hardwood, we source and supply timber picket and have it handcut at a UK-based sawmill, ensuring your picket fencing material is quality-prepared for installation.

We hand-paint and laminate-finish your choice of colour, to match your house features, which extends the life of the fence and makes it look extra special. 

Slatted-Timber Fencing

Slatted fencing has become hugely popular with urban gardens and horticulture spaces and makes up for a large percentage of our work. 

from a comprehensive timber selection, we have installed thousands of metres of slatted fencing into a variety of clients, providing design, planning services and aftercare. 

The appearance of slatted fencing is instantly recognisable and gives a contemporary architectural feel, transforming the feel of any space it is installed into. 

Your choice of slatted fencing ranges from budget slatted softwood to highly popular western red cedar which comes in various sizes of slats and battens including 20 x 40mm, 20 x 60 and 20 x 90mm. 

Do you have an unsightly wall to hide, a shared border you wish to keep some visibility of or a property you wish to increase the value of? Horizontal-slatted fencing is the choice for you! 

Western Red Cedar Slatted Fencing

This style of slatted fencing is hugely popular due to its appearance, colour and tones of the cedar wood and its natural oil content, which makes it highly waterproof and ideal for use outdoors. 

Did you know that cedar timber fencing is made of a durable, natural-oil-based composition, which helps reduce rot and fungus - perfect for all-year-round boundary fencing!

The western red cedar is a highly-desirable wood that is widely used by architects to improve the look of external building work and provides an excellent focal point for any garden space it’s installed in.  

We can source tropical hardwoods or use solid cedar, oak, iroko or larch timber posts to support our slatted battens.

The western red cedar slats provide an architecturally-designed look to any garden space and instantly transforms a garden, making it feel homely and luxurious and adding value to open space, whilst hiding anything behind it. 

Steel Security Fencing

As one of Hertfordshire’s leading fencing contractors, we supply and install: 

  • Metal security fencing in a range of styles to suit all needs. Our metal palisade fencing comes in a range of heights and colours and is used to keep people out of areas which really are not permissible to be in. 

  • Security fencing for schools and educational institutions, electrical, substation and high danger areas, long distance perimeter purposes, housing and public friendly bow-top fencing and mesh security fencing. 

  • Matching security fence gates to accompany the installation and are available in many sizes and styles and include all associated gate fixings and locks. 

  • Mesh and palisade fencing in several custom powder-coated colours to suit the environment your property is in and various top finishes based on if it's for commercial or industrial purposes. 


When you need the highest level of protection, our security fencing is the most suitable choice, as it provides extreme strength, durability and longevity. It provides an intimidating appearance, with spikes on top and acts as a natural deterrent to thieves or people wishing to gain access illegally.

Our installation service includes digging in-ground and concrete or bolting down posts and supporting structures.

Next Steps

We will discuss your fencing options and budget with you and provide a quotation. All work is carried out with full insurance and warranty for all hardware and parts installed.

Our list of corporate clients is impressive and includes installing security fencing for Amazon, Screwfix Direct, the NHS, Sainsburys, Cricket and Football Clubs and several hospitals. 

Much of our work is received through word-of-mouth and testimonials given by others. Let us help you decide which fencing material and type is best for your needs, at a timescale and budget that suits you. Call us on 07715 353224.

The geographical areas we cover include Stevenage, Letchworth, Baldock, Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield, Knebworth and Hertfordshire’s surrounding areas.